It's definitely a beautiful thought to distinguish your wedding rings from all others. Hence we propose one goldsmith at the highest level that can not only offer special wedding rings not available in the common store of the city, but especially with the ability to customize the rings in the way as you like.

Italian jewelry laboratory with primary experience in the processing of metals and precious stones. The collection is characterized by the variety of models, all with modern and elegant design. Thanks to handmade production, all rings can be customized to allow you to create a unique and inimitable jewel for the life.
Each model will be the starting point to customize your choice:
COLOR: white, yellow and pink gold to have fun to combine them
DIAMONDS: as many as you want in the caliber you wish
FINISHING: polished gold for a traditional ring, satin gold for a sophisticated ring
SIZE: a larger ring for a wrap-around effect; a narrow ring to a classic style