Our selection of very beautiful dresses from collections of various designers and Ateliers all around the world. We selected some particular brands because their brilliant dynamic evolution or because the originality of the dresses... or because the superb combination of quality, artistic decorations and prices.

Cymbeline introduced a very nice 2013 collection last year, but this year the 2014 collection intruduces many elegant and very delicate models.

Yolanda and Cristina, grown surrounded by organza, tulle and silk at the bridal store which her mother managed, now are the designers of all fantastic dresses of YolanCris brand.
In 2005 both sisters decided to give rise to their dream by creating their brand turned towards natural and authentic women. Since then, YolanCris succeeded to pull itself up as a brand of reference in the sector with an increasing national and international expansion.
Every YolanCris creation is hand-crafted in the Atelier of Barcelona, where are selected high quality european fabrics and every detail is studied minutely: see a selection from 2014 collection.

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