The choice of bridal dress is certainly an exciting and important time for you... the moment that you dreamed many times. Maybe you started to see a lot of photos of bridal dresses and in Ateliers also to try many dresses... hoping to find the dress that will make you crazy and full of emotions !
Remember that the dress that will give you so deep emotion will be the dress of your wedding... ...the perfect one !

In these my pages I wish to show you some particular dresses... special in the style, or special in the colors... or in the quality of fabric.... some dresses are from international brands or stylits... some other from Italian Couture, made by hand in Italy.

And... if you will arrive in Italy wishing to buy your bridal dress here, we will support you completely staying near you in all important moments until you will have chosen the best dress.

You can see my
- selection of bridal dresses 'made in Italy' with a wide variety of style, fabric, laces, colors... like typical of Italian Couture.

and my
- selection of bridal dresses from world famous designers, that is dresses that for quality, creativity and harmony of shapes and colors I see particularly interesting. Naturally many of world stylists and brands are missing here because this is only my personal selection of dresses stimulating my harmony of sensations.

I wish to continue, also for 2014, to devote a special attention to
- bridal dresses... short in general and in particular 'short in front and long in back' by means my selections of the most interesting and finest models from 2014, 2013 and 2012 collections with the special shape to be short in front and long, with train, in back.