Lucia & Pasquale

Ceremony: Church Santa Margherita - Vernazza
Receipt: Riomaggiore

It was 4th june 2011: at 9:43 Lucia, with some friends, started by train from Sestri Levante to move towards... Vernazza where she would have married Pasquale !
The train at 10:14 arrived in Levanto and there the greatest part of friends and relative got up the train, in the reserved wagon. As soon as the train arrived in Levanto, Lucia run off to embrace tenderly her future husband !
We were all together... with photographer, with Lucia, with children of cousins, together other normal travellers happy of the unusual surprise on the train. We were all together 'raped' by such very pleasant travel and probably Vernazza arrived too much quickly.

We arrived in Vernazza and we left the train. Immediatly we run down to the church, in the central way of Vernazza, with a lot of people making compliments, with more and more charming smiles and faces of Lucia, Pasquale and their parents.
I adviced my cooperator Paula to open the church for all our group... Everything was perfect: the flower decorations, the booklets for the religious function, the musician ready at organ, petals and rice to throw to bride and groom...

And we received a lot of thanks for the job of our team to have organized and planned in the best way, in despite of the 4 villages involved... in respect of all the wishes of Lucia and Pasquale.