Svetlana & Fabrizio

Ceremony: Ex-Oratory of Selaà - Tellaro (Lerici)
Receipt: Farm 'La Burlanda' - Fosdinovo

We were 'wedding planners' of ourselves, this time, and it was a double special emotions to create the project of our wedding together !
Together we defined the main characteristics of our wedding event including, naturally, the original and unsual 'moments' that we wanted to have.
As soon as we decided the place (the fantastic and romantic location of Tellaro, and in particular the Oratory of Selàa for the ceremony) we started, step by step, to execute our project, specially taking care of dress of Svetlana, special decorations of Oratory, music for the ceremony... and something else.

In the project of our wedding we defined the characteristics for an original bridal dress for Svetlana :
- the fabric of the dress had to be soft enough, able to reflect light, fine and elegant and we decided for taffeta fabric;
- the shape had to be with a corset in the upper part and with a gown short in front and long back;
- last but most important... the color of decorations had to be light blue.
Such dress was not still never designed and produced so we decided to ask to an italian producer to make such dress. After some conversations and visits we choosed the italian tailor laboratory 'Le Rose Spose' in Biella. They produced, under our direct instructions, the wonderful dress shown in the photos.

Light blue and white hydrangeas were the base for the floral decorations of Oratory and also the restaurant, because the light blue and blue were the colors of our weddings. In every place a touch of these colors was present just to remember the pure blue sky, the sea... the freshness of our souls.

The entrance in the Oratory was... dancing: a dance for us together our bridesmaids and groomsmen created by our cooperator Michela, which is also a skilled dancer.
The result has been fantastic giving happy (and ... funny) time to our guests and... to ourselves too ! Thanks to Justin Bieber and Chris Brown for two very pleasant rithms !

Tellaro, on the other side, again revealed its deep warm and romantic atmosphere : the sea in front of us and the pleasant colors of the sky, the sea, the typical houses... made our wedding like a unforgettable fairy tale.


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