Vernazza is, by many people, considered the most picturesque village in Cinque Terre, an old fishing village dating back to 1080.
The significant economic and social level reached by the village in the Middle Ages is still witnessed by the presence of urban layout and architectural features of great value, such as lodges, churches, tower houses and porches.
The village is dominated by the ruins of the "castrum", a series of medieval fortifications dating from the eleventh century, with a castle and a round tower.

   Catholic ceremonies   

Without any doubt this is the most picturesque church of all villages of Cinque Terre. Rising from a massive rock on the sea the church of Santa Margherita d'Antiochia is certainly a very special location for your destination wedding in Italy.
The church was built in 1318, in gothic Ligurian style and it was restructured between 1964 and 1970. The main entrance should be in the north but normally you have to enter at the apse's side, in the south. The church has three wide ships decorated and perfectly conserved.

The church is ideal for small or larger wedding ceremonies. The priest is English-speaking. Possibility of a religious wedding with civil validity.
Only sacred music allowed with organ (available in church) and other instruments. It is possible to have a chorus.

   Civil and symbolic ceremonies   

Civil Ceremonies can be celebrated inside municipality offices, naturally, but, more more interesting, in the ex-Friars Convent, that actually is the Multifunction Room of the Municipality of Vernazza. Like you can see from photos it seems a small church in some aspects and, however, the atmosphere is particular !

A symbolic ceremony can take place in the top of the tower with a magnificient view of Vernazza and of all the coast of Cinque Terre. We can say... something absolutely breathtaking!