Located in one of the most beautiful bays of the east side of Ligurian Riviera, Lerici offers a perfect blend of past and present: the small town, rich in historical and artistic and religious traditions, does not betray his reputation as a seaside resort and modern facilities.
The place includes not only the well-known Gulf enclosed the Castles of San Terenzo and Lerici, with its wide beach of "Venere Azzurra", but also picturesque hillside villages connected by scenic trails, and secluded bays that open in the cliff as in the village of Fiascherino and small architectural jewel such as Tellaro.

   Civil and symbolic ceremonies - Wedding banquets   

Lerici Castle was built in the first half of the twelfth century on the wishes of the Pisani. Later the castle was the scene of many battles, it was conquered by the Genoese and, during the Renaissance, was remodeled into a beautiful building. Because of its great beauty, in eighteenth and nineteenth centuries it enchanted many writers such as Byron, Shelley and Keats.
Civil ceremonies and wedding banquets can take place only on the main terrace, for up to 100 people.

The Castle of San Terenzo has very ancient origins and in the centuries after its construction it suffered numerous rearrangement, including a very wide work in XV. It's a pentagonal structure with three circular towers at the corners that look the village, solid curtains that enclose a second wall inside the entrance and a tower with a square base.
In the inner courtyard small civil ceremonies and wedding banquets may take place up to 30/40 people.

   Symbolic ceremonies - Wedding banquets   

This private villa is overlooking the sea of Poet's Gulf: with its beautiful and well maintained garden and decorated interiors is the most magnificient villa in all area.
The rooms, tastefully decorated, open toward the Gulf of Lerici offering a breathtaking view up to Portovenere.
Wedding banquets are possible within in three adjoining rooms or in the garden.